Nivonim Medura/Campfire

This evening Nivonim had a lot of fun hanging out in the new K’far/Village.  After dinner some hanichim/campers were playing frisbee, some were throwing a football, and some were just hanging around in hammocks and lawn chairs.  They seem right at home.
Later on we had a medura/campfire.  Rosh Ilanot Liav was our special guest and she taught us a new song!  The song is called “Galeh Kavod Malchutcha/Spread the Glory of Your Kingdom” and it is so beautiful.  The edah/division was so excited about it that they were already planning on teaching it to the rest of Camp! Then we sang some more and had some s’mores.  One hanich/camper, Joseph, was particularly excited about having the opportunity to sing Shir Ramah/The Ramah Song with his edah-mates for the first time since last summer.  This edah clearly loves being in Camp and hanging out with each other. They are like one big family.  As Rosh, I just soaked it all in with a big smile on my face.  Kayitz/Summer 2012 is upon us, and we are enjoying every moment of it together.

Here is a short clip of the edah signing during the medura:

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