Nivonim midweek update

Greetings Nivonim enthusiasts,


    Our first (and essentially our only) regular week here in Nivonim is well under way. We have enjoyed Nivonim University, chugim and all the normal things that make Ramah such a great experience, it hasn’t all been the standard stuff though. We had the Chapell Classic, a baseball game in honor and memory of longtime Tikvah camper Jake Chapell. We saw the Amizim play and tonight Jewish music singer Rick Recht played a concert for the entire camp! Many of the Nivonimers got to be on stage singing and dancing with Rick, it was a special treat.

I will post again later in the week to let you know how our yom miyuchad (yom World Cup) goes and also to talk about the play which we are fervently preparing to perform next week. 

As always fond wishes from the K’far


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