Nivonim MiNis go to Teffilot with Tzad Aleph


This morning our MiNis woke up early and joined Tzad Aleph/A-Side for teffilot/prayers.  It was yet another opportunity for our Nivonimers to transmit the awesome Ramah experience to the younger hanichim/campers. From Solelim teffilot at the andarta/memorial for fallen Israeli soldiers to Shoafim and Kochavim teffilot in their moadonim/meeting places, teffilot this morning had so much ruach/spirit!


In Ilanot, our Rikkud/Dance MiNis taught the Miriam Dance to fullfill the idea of b’tof u’mahol/with drum and dance (from Psalm 150). Here is a short clip of our amazing MiNis teaching Ilanot:

It has been an amazing week with Nivonim.  I am looking forward to a peaceful Shabbat and yet another Shavua Tov/good week.

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