Nivonim: Netivei Manhigut/Leadership Tracks

This summer all of our Nivonimers will be fully engaged in netivei manhigut. Each nativ will teach them how to be a madrich(a)/counselor in different ways. Each Nivonimer will be a Madrich(a) b’Nivonim (AKA: MiNi) for the younger hanichim/campers.

The Nativ agam/lifeguarding will be focusing on their training as lifeguards.

The nativ shira/singing track will be focusing on leading shira in the hadar ochel and during the shira hug/activity. Today after lunch and after Shabbat dinner will be their first opportunity to lead the younger hanichim. They are very excited!

The nativ rikkud/dance will be focusing on teaching rikkud and will also have their first opportunity to work with the younger hanichim today.

To start, the nativ peula/programming will be focusing on peulot tzrif/bunk activites. The peula MiNis will be matched up with Solelim and will be planning peulot tzrif for them on a weekly basis.

Amitzim will be meeting their MiNis today at lunch and will be spending time with them during agam as well. The Amitzim MiNis have been working very hard and are very excited to plan peulot/programs for their hanichim.

The nativ madrichim will each be paired with a tzrif/bunk from Ilanot and Shoafim and will meet their tzrifim today at lunch. The MiNis will also be able to spend time with them during hofesh/free time this afternoon and Shira tonight after Shabbat dinner.

We are all very excited to watch our MiNis begin their field work today. Our summer theme is “Bo V’Lech B’Rechov/Come and Join us on our Journey.” This summer our MiNis will be learning a lot about what it means to be a manhig/leader. And to be a manhig, you cannot just go on your own masa/journey, but you have to bring others with you.

Tzevet/Staff Nivonim is tremendously excited to watch as our MiNis begin their masaot/journeys as manhigim/leaders. But we are even more excited to watch as they inpsire the younger hanichim to join with them on the same path.

Shabbat Shalom.

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