Nivonim: New York Trip Day 2 Part III


From Battery Park, we stayed in our groups and walked around New York for a couple hours, just taking in the city for everything that it is.  We passed cool landmarks like Wall Street and Bleeker Street. 


We eventually made it to Times Square and had dinner at Kosher Delight.  I was quite happy as the Yankees were playing the White Sox and I got to see the good guys play for the first time in a while (I am from Chicago for those new followers out there.)

After dinner, we walked around Times Sqaure and did a little shopping.  My group stopped by Toys R’ Us, Lids (where I was able to pick up a new White Sox hat for my collection) and the Hershey Store.  Alizah was very excited about her dark chocolate, and Rachel purchased an enormous chocolate bar.  It was bigger that my head!

It then got late and it was time to go back to Shaarei Zedek and get some rest.  But not before we were led in prayer at the 42nd Street Subway Station.  Check out the video:



Nivonim has had an amazing time in New York.  We have done so much and we still have one more day!

Stay tuned (to NBC) for more Nivonim action in NYC!

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