Nivonim Opens their Shoafim and Magshimim Time-Capsules!


For many years now it has been a tradition that, at the end of the last week of camp in Shoafim, the members of the “It’s a Good Life” Chug and I create a time-capsule, to be opened at the end of the last week of camp of their Nivonim summer.  The opening of this time-capsule has become one of my very favorite moments of camp each summer.

This afternoon in Moadon Nivonim, edat ha-Nivonim and I gathered to open not one, but TWO of their time-capsules!

We had the “It’s a Good Life” Chug time-capsule that had been created back in kayitz (summer) 2011, and also a Magshimim girls time-capsule the kids and their staff-members had assembled in 2012.  I have been keeping these two time-capsules safe and sound in my office in the years since, in preparation for this day.

It was huge fun opening the two time-capsules and seeing all of the objects that the kids had put in there, and reading all of their notes and letters that they had written to their future Nivonim selves.  It was a fun trip back down memory lane for everyone, and a great part of the festivities of the Nivonimers’ final days as campers here at camp.