Nivonim: Peula MiNis Plan Peulat Erev for Tzad Aleph


Last night, our Peula/Programming MiNis (Madrichim B'Nivonim/Counselors that are Nivonimers) planned peulat erev/evening activity for all of the Tzad Aleph/A-Side hanichim/campers that were here during intersession.  The game they planned is called "Gladiator Disco Disco".  It is a hybrid version of dodgeball mixed with fun and silly dance breaks. 

As I ducked and dodged  while trying to take pictures, the thing the stuck out the most to me was how happy the Tzad Aleph hanichim were.  All I could see were smiles from ear to ear.  Our MiNis are really forming meaningful and long lasting relationships with their hanichim and last night it was easy to see that. 


As manhigim/leaders, our MiNis made us very proud.  Jacob and Jay introduced the program and it was heart warming to see our own hanichim stepping up into the role of madrichim/counselors.  After the peulat erev, our MiNis gathered the hanichim into a ma'agal/cirlce to sing our nightime song, Rad Ha'Yom.


Yashar Koach to our Peula MiNis for giving their hanichim a fun and exciting experience. 

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