Nivonim Presents: Yom Sport 2015


At the close of Monday evening’s Zimkudiya, Nivonim broke out Yom Sport 2015. Nivonim campers had spent weeks leading up to that moment preparing every aspect of the day, from schedules to cheers to elaborate dances. Nivonim participants served either as captains for the one of the four teams, or as judges. The captains planned the team efforts and the judges coordinated the overall schedule for the camp.

The day was filled with exciting and fun competition of various athletic and intellectual styles. There was everything from trivia to soccer. Of course the big apache race happened too. The rain held off for us to have our full day of programming, even through the Tug of War and closing ceremonies. Adom (red) may have been the official winner, but all the teams, especially the Nivonim campers, were true winners on this day, excelling in their first major endeavor as aspiring madrichim (counselors) here.

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