Nivonim put a Palmer twist on High School Musical

Nivonim rocked the house with an amazing all Hebrew performance of Highschool Musical! The entire edah were “all in this Together” as they sang, danced, played in the band, worked backstage and on tech to make last night’s memorable performance come to life.  The edah showcased their singing, dancing, athletic, dramatic and acrobatic talents with this show as well as their really wonderful sense of humor.

During chug time, the cast perfected their lines, songs and staging with the expert help of Inbal Caplan, our drama chug leader. Outside of chug time, the edah worked tirelessly to make sure that the performance was stellar. Nivonim chanichim choreographed three rikud (dance) numbers, each performed by 15- 25 chanichim: the basketball rikud, the cheerleading rikud (that included gymnastics moves, two cheerleading lifts, and a stage dive), and the audition rikud. The entire edah danced and sang two of the main numbers in the machazemer: “Stick to the Status Quo” and “We are all in this Together.”  The Nivonim band accompanied the Sharpays (5 Sharpays in the show, no Ryan) and Gabriella and Troy on the song “It’s hard to believe” as well as playing music before and after the show.  The props group created the amazing avyrah (atmosphere) for the show and the stage crew nailed every prop change and curtain cue.

The audience was riveted as the show unfolded in front of them. And even though it was all in Hebrew, everyone in the Beit Am Gadol understood exactly what was happening in the story.  The joy, enthusiasm and energy of Edat Ha’Nivonim was so infectious, you could hear humming and singing from the rest of the machane as they left the performance.

We are so proud of Nivonims hard work and we appreciate the amazing dugma (example) that they set for the rest of camp!

Here is a small sample from dress rehearsal of some of the songs:



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