Nivonim and Shoafim Time Capsules!

On Friday afternoon, I engaged in one of my very favorite Ramah traditions!  After aruchat tzohorayim, I gathered with adat ha-Nivonim, and we opened the “It’s a Good Life” chug time capsule that they had created with me when they were in Shoafim (the oldest edah on Tzad Aleph)!  Then, an hour later, I gathered with the Shoafimers in the “It’s a Good Life” chug, and we created THEIR time capsule, which will sit safely in my office until we open it on the last Friday of their Nivonim kayitz (summer) in 2021.

Here are Rosh Shoafim Claire and I with Shoafim’s time-capsule.  The kids wrote letters to their future Nivonim selves, and many of them placed an object into the time capsule as well.

Here are photos of the Nivonimers opening their time-capsule.  In addition to the Good Life time-capsule, I also had other letters and reflections that the kids had written in Shoafim as an edah program, and a surprise letter written to the kids from Emily Meister, their Rosh Shoafim!  I also had a time-capsule from Bogrim 2015 tzrif 42 that the kids opened!