Nivonim takes NYC: Day 2


Today was another spectacular day in New York City! We started by Davening shacharit with the morning minyan here at Sutton Place Synagogue. Afterwards, we ate breakfast, made sandwiches for lunch, and then got in our walking groups and took the subway all the way downtown. For many Nivonimers, it was their first time ever on the subway, so even the travel portion of the trip was exciting!

Our first official stop of the day was the 9/11 Memorial at the site of the former Twin Towers. The memorial was very moving, consisting mostly of two very large in-ground waterfalls, occupying the footprint of where the towers once stood. Around the edges were engraved the full names of all who had died in the attacks. Nivonimers had time to walk around the memorial at their own pace and take it all in – many focused on the new Freedom Tower being built in the background. Afterwards, we had a debrief session, where we shared reactions to the memorial, memories from the day itself (the counselors remembered a lot more than the campers), and shared our feelings. This is always one of the most meaningful parts of the Nivonim trip, and no journey to New York is complete without it.

Next, we walked to the heart of the financial districts and got a guided tour of the surrounding area, focusing on the history of the area, and learning interesting tidbits about the city today.

After some rest time and dinner, we hit the town once more, exploring midtown manhattan, including Times Square, and spending some time going into stores and scoping out great kosher restaurants.

Tomorrow is our last day in New York. We’ll certainly be sad to say goodbye, but we can’t wait to return home to Palmer, Mass! See some fun pictures from the day below:





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