Nivonim Takes NYC: Day 3


We’re just minutes away from pulling back into Camp, so this is a perfect opportunity to reflect on our final day:

This morning, after packing up all our stuff and making sandwiches for today’s lunch, and Davening with Sutton Place, we were treated to eating hot, fresh, New York bagels with cream cheese! It was great to get a “taste” of this typical New York experience. And, as much as we love Camp bagels, these were truly off the charts!

Next, our busses picked us up from the Shul and we had one more stop before heading back to Palmer: the Upper West Side and Morningside Heights. We got dropped off at the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), which houses the National Ramah Commission and serves as an educational supervisor for our Ramah camp. Once there, we heard an exciting presentation about Ramah Israel Seminar, learned about List College and the dual degree programs between Barnard and Columbia, and then took a tour of JTS, Columbia, and Barnard. This was particularly exciting for me to be back at my Alma Mater!

The last part of our day, and our trip, was very fitting – we learned about Reshet Ramah, the National Ramah Alumni Network, from Dana Levinson, and received free headbands and sunglasses. Although we still have a month left in Nivonim, it’s important for us to remain connected to Ramah through Seminar, coming back on staff, and being involved in alumni activities.

As great as it is to be out in the world, there’s no better feeling than driving back into the gates at 39 Bennett Street. We’re thrilled to be coming home today, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the summer!






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