Nivonim Throws a suprise Bar Mitzvah Party

Late last night, Edat HaNivonim threw a wonderful Bar Mitzvah Party in honor of one of our chanichim and in celebration of the end of first session.  The party included all of our favorite classic dances and songs, as well as a speech by the “parents” and “grandparents” a photo booth in front of a green screen, and a rousing game of coke and pepsi led by our spectacular DJ’s.  Of course, instead of coke and pepsi, they used Balaam and Balak to make sure we were conscious of this week’s Torah reading during our fun.

Today is visiting day and we hope everyone is having a blast with the family and friends.  From Session one, this is Aryeh Kalender, signing off.  See you next week from New York City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMG-20160724-WA0024 IMG-20160724-WA0016

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