Nivonim Time Capsule!


Earlier this week, the Nivonimers gathered with me (Josh Edelglass) to open the time capsule they had created back in Shoafim 2009, as part of an end-of-summer program for the “It’s a Good Life” chug, a Shoafim tradition!  The time-capsule was sealed on their last weekend on Tzad Aleph, with instructions to be opened at the end of their last summer on Tzad Bet — Nivonim 2013.

And so we did!

Inside the time capsule were letters that each Shoafim “Good Life Chug” participant wrote to their future selves, along with an item that they found significant.  If they followed instructions back in 2009, their letter to themselves also contained an explanation of why they had chosen that one particular object to put in the time capsule.  Campers found they had put everything from a painted rock to art projects to a radio (really!) to a can of fabreeze… and lots of other fun/crazy stuff!

Many of the Nivonimers chose to read their letters out loud to one another.  We all had a lot of fun getting a glimpse back into their personalities and thought processes from back when they were twelve!

Tomorrow, our 2013 Shoafim “Good Life Chug” participants will meet to create their time capsule.  I look forward to opening it with them once they reach the end of their Nivonim summer in 2017!