Nivonim Traditions I: The Clipboard Ceremony


Nivonim is always a summer full of traditions. From moving into the k’far on the first day to singing uf gozal on the last, Nivonimers participate in activities, rituals, and ceremonies that have been performed for generations of Nivonimers.

Wednesday night was the Nivonim 2013 clipboard ceremony! After completing a series of challenges representing the edot they had passed through to get to Nivonim, the chanichim were led on a blindfolded trust walk into macheneh gimel. Once there, they were asked to take off their blindfolds, and form a circle outside of a circle of tea lights (pictured below). It was a beautiful evening, and the clipboard circle with the k’far in the background was truly pictureseque.


Once they got to the circle, the Nivonimers noticed that there were clipboards at their feet. Many gasped, shrieked, or screamed, realizing that they day that they had dreamt about for so long had finally arrived. I told the Nivonimers that accepting the clipboards represetned the fact that they were ready to truly be leaders in camp, working with younger  chanichim and passing on the Ramah experience to the next generation. In my mind, this ceremony truly represents the beginning of the Nivonim journey.

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