Nivonim Traditions Part II: The Miriam Dance


Tonight, Nivonim banot (girls) will take part in a Nivonim tradition eighteen years running: performing the Miriam Dance during Kabbalat Shabbat! Originally choreographed by Lorraine Arcus in 1995 for Bogrim, the dance has been performed during the first shabbat of camp ever since. The banot were incredibly excited when they were told they would finally be learning this dance. In the last eighteen years, it has truly become a rite of passage for Nivonim.

As a special surprise today, Lorraine Arcus and her daughter Rachel (Rosh Nivonim 2003-2004, who also taught the dance for many years) showed up to help out and join in on the fun! The girls were so excited to be able to perform for the people who had made this dance into a reality over almost two decades. Here is a picture of Ayelet Wachs-Cashman who taught the dance this year, along with Lorraine and Rachel.

Here’s a video of the banot in rehearsal. Look out for a video of the performance later next week. We are so excited to see them perform tonight in the chorsha (grove). Shabbat Shalom!

Nivonim learns the Miriam Dance!

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