Nivonim: Yom Fossil


Yesterday, our edah spent the day thinking about leaving their mark on Camp.  As they end their chapter as hanichim/campers, Nivonim begins to think about their lasting legacy on this wonderful kehila/community.

In the morning, the hanichim rotated between different stations.  One activity had the hanichim discussing what Camp has meant to them, writing it on a rock and placing them around Camp. 

Here is Jacob digging for the perfect rock. 001

He found it!

Another group planted in a garden in the K'far Nivonim, and another started working on a new sign for the new K'far.

Before lunch, our Rikkud/Dance MiNis (Madrichim B'Nivonim/Counselors that are in Nivonim) taught a dance to our edah that they choreopgrahed. This is the Nivonim 2011 dance and it will be here for years to come!  Check out this video of the MiNis demontsrating the dance before they taught it to the whole edah:


Later in the day, the Nivonimers were given an opportunity to write letters of advice to Nivonim 2015.  It will be so exciting for Shoafim 2011 to get these letters in four years!

At night, the edah participated in an event called "The Bombardment of Appreciation."  Each hanich(a) took three names from the edah and were given note cards to write down how they appreciate that hanich(a) and how they have left their mark on the edah.

We gave them time to think and write and we met at the medura/campfire.  As each hanich(a) was called, they were surrounded by three other hanichim and bombarded with appreiciation.  After an hour an a half, each hanich(a) had been appreciated and smiles lit up the circle around the medura.

It was very nice to hear how much each member of Nivonim is valued and apprecited.  And it that the edah has been affected positively by each and every one of them. 


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