Nivonim: Zimkudiya 2011

Last night, all of Camp gathered together for the Zimkudiya/Song and Dance Festival.  Our Shira/Singing and Rikkud/Dancing  MiNis (Madrichim B'Nivonim/Counselors that are in Nivonim) M.C.'d the event.  I am so proud of Matthew, Maya, Shira, Sarah, Sam, Kochava and Rachel for getting up in front of the whole Camp and representing our wonderful edah! And they did it all B’Ivrit/In Hebrew!

Each edah performed either a song or dance and it was a very fun evening.  The ruach/energy felt like it was overflowing and spilling out of the building it was so much fun!

After all of the other edot performed, Nivonim took the stage for both a song and a dance.  We sang a song called "El Ha'Derech/To the Journey."  One of the lyrics read, "Yatzanu Yad B'Yad La'Derech/We Went Hand in Hand on the Journey."  As we continue on our summer Masa/Journey as Nivonim, I could not help but think how important this lyric was.  

Our role as Nivonim is to be leaders in Camp.  And our leadership stems from the unity of our mission.  We are asking camp to come along with us on our masa/Bo V'Lech Ba'Rechov.  After our song, we danced to an Israeli Hip-Hop group called Balkan Beat Box.  After the dance, the edah took the ruach in the room and used their leadership to inspire the whole Camp to dance to a few songs with ecstatic enthusiasm. 

I watched as the whole Camp followed Nivonim in Rikkud.  They brought Camp with them on their masa/Bo V'ech Ba'Rechov. And they did it together, Yad B'Yad. 


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