Nivonimers Find Their 2004 Time Capsule!


Jeremy Stein (our long-time Rosh Shira) returned to camp today to reunite with his former campers from Solelim bunk 5 in an attempt to locate the time capsule they buried on the last day of first session back in 2004.  Almost every member of the tzrif was still at camp this summer, in Nivonim: Solomon Shapiro, Tsvi Benson-Tilson, Alex Shragis, Dan Hammerman, Matan Showstack, and Eli Blinderman.  The only camper missing was Eli Todd, who was in Nivonim '08.

The first step in their mission was to carefully examine the photographs they took back in 2004, of all the boys standing on top of the spot where the time capsule was buried.


After careful consideration of the photographs (and spirited discussions about how the photos matched up with today's terrain, and how much they had grown), the digging began!

7.23.NIVONIM.TimeCapsule 009 

7.23.NIVONIM.TimeCapsule 013 

After a few holes wound up fruitless — SUCCESS!!

7.23.NIVONIM.TimeCapsule 021 

Here's the "time capsule" itself:

7.23.NIVONIM.TimeCapsule 014 

Finally, here's a shot of the guys, attempting to recreate the pose from the 2004 photo:

7.23.NIVONIM.TimeCapsule 019

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