Omanut: Meet Stephanie Sporkin, Rosh Omanut

Stephanie Sporkin (photo below), our Rosh Omanut, writes:
 “Omanut at Camp Ramah is a place where our chanichim (campers) can come and explore their creativity in a variety of media. They can try a new art form or improve their skills with something they already love to do. The Omanut space offers our chanichim a quieter place in camp where they can sit with their friends and create beautiful or meaningful pieces of art to take home and share with their friends and family.  Our specialists work to give each camper a special experience. Taking a picture of the agam (lake), learning to how to tile a mosaic piece, or building and glazing ceramics enables our chanichim to enjoy memories of their kayitz (summer) at Machane Ramah throughout the year.”

Categories: Chugim, Omanut