One Full Week!

Hi Parents!

hope you are all doing well. It’s strange to believe that your kids have
already been here for a week! In some sense it seems like they just arrived
yesterday, and on the other hand we are all so comfortable with each other and
it seems like it’s already been a whole summer.

was a great time for Shoafim. Friday night we prayed Kabbalat Shabbat and
Ma’ariv with the rest of Tzad Aleph, and the davening was wonderful. The night
ended with lots of fun and loud singing. Shabbat afternoon we played Frisbee,
some board games, and had a great discussion on the parsha, Korach. While split
into groups, the aidah played “Two Truths and a Lie,” and then learned about
Korach and the rebellion that he led. We spoke about how, like in the above
game, we need to be careful with our words and how words can be deceptive. Our
campers really enjoyed the discussion.

evening we had a great peulat erev (night activity), a photo scavenger hunt.
Each group received a list of different pictures they had to take, some were in
front of specific places in camp or photos of the group fulfilling a specific
task. The scavenger hunt took them all around camp, and the campers had a great
time working together and taking pictures.

we are preparing to go on our camping trip. We will go on a hike, make our own
dinner, have a bonfire, and then in the morning make breakfast and have
tefillot with the Teva staff at camp. Everyone is really looking forward to a
wonderful trip and I can’t wait to write you all about it.


all is well!



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