One Last Shabbat!

Shalom Shoafim Parents!
We are entering the home stretch and things up in Palmer are wonderful!
Yesterday we had a fantastic Yom Meyuchad that I’m excited to share with you. All of the day’s activities focused around different parts of the Tanach (Bible).
First, the aidah was broken up into 7 groups and each was assigned one day of the world’s creation and received a wooden board and construction paper. Each group designed their day of creation in the shape of one of the letters of Shoafim (in Hebrew) using the colored paper. The panels came out beautifully and we can’t wait to display them in camp.
Next, we went on a hike (40 years in the desert) and simulated going through the Red Sea and came to the tree house in the woods of camp. We learned a Midrash about why Mt. Sinai was chosen to be the place of the giving of the Torah, and made some entertaining “10 Commandments of Shoafim.” We ended the morning with a game of Amalek tag- counselors were the nation of Amalek, which could only tag from behind (Amalek attacked the Israelites from the rear). Anyone tagged had to hold their hands up like Moshe did when the Jews were winning, and other team members could use that person a safe haven by holding their arms and saying “Aharon and Chur!” (the names of those that held up Moshe’s arms).
Lunch was followed by a great game of “Chumash Wars.” Divided by bunk, campers had to complete many different tasks all relating to the Torah. For instance, campers rapped Shirat HaYam (song of the sea), had to make haiku poems about the Tanach, or find different parts of the Tanach that have been incorporated into our Tefillot.
We ended the day by acting out skits from the book of Judges. Each group received a different scene and a theme (circus, cowboy, etc), and the skits were wonderful.
Additionally, we have had great opportunities to have clinics with some of the sports specialists here for Kishroniya on Tzad Bet. Frisbee, basketball, and flag football have been some of the highlights for this week!

Hope you have a wonderful Shabbat, and I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Shabbat Shalom,

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