Opening Day: Magshimim

A great way to get to know each other: the human knit game! This group of chanichim (campers) from adat-haMagshimim did the human knit game and friendship bracelets as part of their tzrif (bunk) bonding activities time.  Our Tzevet Limud (Education staff) led a movement-filled, team-building “How to Knit” activity.  The chanichim actually  “knitted together the tzrif” by “knitting” themselves together.

Then they did friendship bracelets which is a creative activity with string while not quite knitting.  Their madrich (counselor) (below) showed the chanichim how to finger knit a cool bracelet.

Limud (Education staff) member Tami Arnowitz (photo, below) guided the chanichim through this fun, interactive activity.  In her life outside of our machaneh (camp), Tami is a Mortgage Loan Officer.

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