Solelim & Shoafim Outdor Cooking: Useful and Yummy!

Who amongst us has indulged in freshly prepared from scratch delicacies such as cake baked inside an orange, hot chocolate, bread on a stick, caramelized apples and chocolate bananas all in one week? Our lucky Shoafim and Solelim chanichim (campers) in the Outdoor Cooking chug (elective) did, after having cooked the items by using simple ingredients and easily accessible utensils (for example, a stick).  There was strong  consensus that this was an extremely fun and yummy chug, teaching valuable skills about how to survive in the wild with only the most basic ingredients, tools and utensils.  Pictured here in their special festive July 4th finery are our Solelim and Shoafim chanichim, aka Julia Child!