Palmer Roo shine at inter-camp tournaments

Yesterday, we sent a co-ed team of tennis players to Camp YJ and an all girls volleyball team to Camp Tevya for friendly inter-camp competitions.  Our chanichim, from Magshimim, Bogrim and Machon, had a great time and showed the other camps our special brand of “Roo-ach” (spirit).

The girls volleyball team made it to the championship match, beating the home team twice, as they marched towards victory. They were very happy about their second place finish and came home carrying a beautiful gold trophy. Rosh Sport, Adam Offit, who accompanied the girls stated: “I am so proud of the chanichot. They played with heart and showed great kavod for our host and for the other teams.  The madrichim from other camps all told me how well our chanichot represented Palmer.”

The tennis team had an equally good day. They played a lot of good, fun tennis and made it into three semi-final matches.  Ethan, a Magshimim madrich and coach of the Roo tennis team, said “Palmer tennis did an incredible job and while we did not come away with a trophy, we had a lot of fun and bonded as a team.”