Parsha Chaye Sarah Discussion Questions

As part of our Book of Bereshit (Genesis) Engagement Project, as we read from the Book of Bereshit,  every week we will be posting discussion questions that we hope families will use to discuss the Torah portion over Shabbat, as well as either a video D’var Torah or a unique Camp Ramah parsha quiz.

This week’s discussion questions were developed by this past summer’s Machon campers, when they were in Shoafim.   We encourage you to post any of your family’s answers to the questions in the comments section below.

Parsha Chaye Sarah Discussion Questions

Developed by

Ethan Meltzer, Sam Shoyer, Talia Weseley Miriam Katz, and Annie Glass

  • Why did Abraham pay full price for a cave offered to him for free for his wife’s burial?
  • If you were Yitzchak or Rebecca, how would you feel about the arranged marriage and Eliezer’s mission?
  • Why didn’t Abraham go and find a wife for Yitzchak himself?
  • Why did Abraham make Eliezer find a wife for Yitzchak?
  • Why was Abraham so willing to give away so many of his possessions to get a wife for Yitzchak?
  • How would you feel if a loved one of yours was buried so far from where you lived?



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