Parsha Mishpatim Discussion Questions

As we read from the Book of Shmot, every week we will be posting discussion questions that we hope families will use to discuss the Torah portion over Shabbat.

This week’s discussion questions were developed by this past summer’s Machon campers, when they were in Shoafim.   We encourage you to post any of your family’s answers to the questions in the comments section below.

Parsha Mishpatim Discussion Questions

Developed by Ruth Sherman, Zoe Mann-Weiner, and Eric LiBassi

  • We read that Moses and Aaron and the leaders of B’nei Yisrael saw God and that they were under his feet.  If you had to picture God, what would God look like?  What would it feel like to be at God’s feet?
  • There are many laws about slaves, how they should be treated, and when they should be set free.  If laws in general are supposed to make society more protected and fair, why did they have slaves at all?
  • Laws are often put into categories of beyn adam l’Makom (between a person and God) and beyn adam l’chaveiro (between people).  Can you put many of the laws in this parsha into those different categories?
  • Why do you think the parsha tells us that the Jews agreed to the laws twice? Do you think there was a difference in their agreement after Moshe had written down the laws and read them out loud for B’nai Yisrael?

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