Parsha Vayigash Discussion Questions

As part of our Book of Bereshit (Genesis) Engagement Project, as we read from the Book of Bereshit,  every week we will be posting discussion questions that we hope families will use to discuss the Torah portion over Shabbat, as well as a video D’var Torah.

This week’s discussion questions were  developed by this past summer’s Machon campers, when they were in Shoafim.   We encourage you to post any of your family’s answers to the questions in the comments section below.

Parsha Vayigash Discussion Questions

Developed by:

Sam Unitas, Jacob Cantor, MaiaHarrison, Rachel Dembo, and Ariella Liebman


  • Joseph hears of his own death from his brothers when they came to beg for food. What do you think that experience was like for Joseph? What would you like to hear people say about you after you pass away?
  • Do you have anyone in your life whose life is “bound up” with yours?
  • How do the brothers go from hating Joseph to being so happy to see him in Egypt? How do you think their thoughts may have changed over the years?
  • Why is Jacob sometimes called Jacob and sometimes called Israel? Does this have to do with his mood or state of mind? Can our name affect the way we act or the way we feel about ourselves?
  • What does it mean that Joseph will “close Jacob’s eyes?”
  • Egypt is in very serious economic trouble. How is their situation similar or different from our economic situation currently?
  • Why does Joseph favor Benjamin with how much stuff he gives him when favoritism is what got him in Egypt in the first place?

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