Peulah Highlight: Omanut (Arts and Crafts)



Omanut PixAs you venture from Tzad Bet (B Side) to Tzad Aleph (A
Side), it is impossible to miss the excitement at Omanut (Arts and
Crafts).  This summer at Ramah, campers can choose to participate in Omanut
activities three times during the day as a part of our new optimized schedule,
plus a fourth time during Bechirot (free choice).

Rosh Omanut (Head of Arts and Crafts) during the first session of camp
is Amy Rosenstrauch, from Albany, NY.  Amy and her talented staff are
offering a variety of options in Omanut:  acrylic painting, clay
sculpting, drawing and painting, paper mache, print making, silk painting, and
the always popular nagarut (woodworking).  One of our new additions
this kayitz (summer) is basket weaving which is led by Melynda Schudrich
from New Bedford, MA.  This afternoon I observed a group of Shoafim
campers (entering 7th grade) making Cape Cod Blueberry Baskets and, according
to Talya Kravitz, a camper from Potomac, MD, "Each basket fits a pint of
blueberries. "  Talia enjoys the chug (elective activity),
saying, "It's fun and relaxing!" 

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