Peulat Erev run by the Amitzim MiNis


One of the Nivonim leadership tracks is for Nivonimers who work in Amitzim. This past week the 8 MiNis planned their first ever peulat erev for Amitzim! They ran four stations with the theme of a royal ball. The Amitzimers had the opportunity to make royal jewlery, practice royal table etiquette, play ball games and learn ball dancing. The evening ended with everyone showing off their royal dancing skills. The Nivonimers thought about all the details for the evening including preparing materials, dividing up groups and reviewing exactly how each station would work. Their leadership skills were really put to the test and they were very successful! The Amitzimers had a great time at the peulah and the Nivonimers were very proud of all of their hard work. They are looking forward to planning more peulot for Amitzim in the next few weeks.