Peulat Erev with Amitzim and Solelim


This session Amitzim has had the great opportunity to join with the A side edot for peulat erev, our night time activity. On Monday night we joined Solelim (rising 6th graders) for a night filled with Jewish story telling and sock puppet making. The entire group gathered together to listen to a story about an old woman who is always complaining. Once the story was over the kids split up into smaller groups and decorated sock puppets. They then created their own skits with the puppets about complainers and had to show scenarios when the complaining stopped and everyone was happy again.

This very cute activity was planned by Solelim and Amitzim staff together. It was great to join with another edah in camp. Both groups benefited from the interactions and both groups had a great time acting and hanging out together. 

Categories: Amitzim, Solelim