Photo of the Week! (Oct. 31-Nov. 6)


Welcome to the latest installment of our new series, Photo of the Week!

We invite all the readers of this blog to submit their own photos for use in this Photo of the Week series!  The photos need to be from Camp Ramah in New England, but they can be from any year (not just kayitz 2010).  Any great photo will be considered — the photo could be of campers or of staff; it could be of a particularly beatuiful spot at camp; it could be an action shot or just a great photo of Ramahniks relaxing and having fun at camp.  The very best photos will be posted as a part of this continuing series, AND whoever submitted the photo will receive a fun bit of Ramah paraphernelia in the mail!  (I have a lot of fun stuff to give away.)  Please e-mail all photos to with the subject-line "Photo of the Week."

This week's photo was taken by Machon 2010 camper Sarah Schneider back when she was in Magshimim in 2008:

Camp ramah 08 005 
She wrote to me that: "My teacher late year asked the class to bring in a picture of your favorite place to be. So, I painted the picture of the agam."  Here's Sarah's painting, based on the above photograph:

Random 007 
TODAH Sarah!  Your special gift is in the mail to you now!