Pictures from Havdalah Havurah in Chevy Chase, MD and West Hartford, CT


This past weekend we held Havdalah Havurah programs in Chevy, MD and West Hartford, CT.  Families in the area gathered for some light snacks, a Ramah style Havdalah and then had a chance to see a preview of this summer’s DVD yearbook.  See pictures below from Havdalah Havurah programs in Chevy Chase, MD, hosted by the Gross family, and in West Hartford, CT hosted by the Elfenbaum family.

This weekend will be having Havdalah Havurah programs in Albany, NY, and NYC.   As we hope to have these programs again, in more locations in February, please contact Ben Greene, Director of Education, if your family would willing to host a Havdalah Havurah program in your home.


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