Play-Lab Kishroniyah: Machon & Nivonim

Yesterday, chanichim (campers) from Machon and Nivonim exhibited their Tours de Force — 6 original plays — after 3 days of intensive writing, rehearsing, directing, and presenting as part of our Play-Lab Kishroniya.  Here were the program offerings, with photos of the preparation and performances below:

Ramah Play Lab

Hot Potato

by Rachel Ader and Brian Kirsch:  A dark comedy reflecting the relationship between young Rachel and potatoes, this epic tale demonstrates why one should be careful what one wishes for.

We All Have Our Reasons

By Barrie Brodsky, Lily Rosenberg and Shawn Tarloff: The lives of three sad teenagers in a small town interconnect.
As they struggle to overcome their issues, they realize they are not alone.


By Lily Harris: About to turn 17, Margot has been with her on and off boyfriend for nearly seven months. She feels she needs him to be happy, but with the help of her best friend, she realizes that isn’t the case.


By Talia Harlow:  With the help of her fairy godmother, a girl learns what kindness means and discovers her most genuine self.

To Each Their Own

By Jared Linder and Abby Azia: An old Jewish rabbi is going to have to cope with changing times as his daughter wants to marry out of the religion.

Nasty Woman

By Tali Glickman and John Byrne: A story about everyday injustices that plague a woman with a big dream; a future “true story.”

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