Press Corps Reports from the Field: Once Upon A Yom Sport (Color War)

On Yom Sport we had our own brave, industrious and dedicated Press Corps, hard at work in the field.  Its members were Maya, Mae, Avital, Aviva, Samantha, Micha, Abby, Aliza, Naomi,  Abigail and Lila.  They did a thorough and insightful job of interviewing participants — chanichim (campers) and tzevet (alike), and photographing their subjects.   They were trained in the mechanics of how to post a blog.  Finally, all were encouraged to nurture their inner journalist and commitment to honest reporting and a free press.

Here are their reports; please click here to see their photos.

Naomi, Mae and Maya report: Ariel, Niv’ 18, was asked about her role as a dance battle Judge for adat ha-Magshimim and adat ha-Shoafim.  She said, “Before Yom Sport, I thought it might be hard to be impartial, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. It’s not so difficult being a Judge”.

Mae reports from the activity “Guess the Food”, where Ilanot camper Rose said, “I am excited but a little nervous about not getting a yummy food and also I have never done this activity before”.  And chanich Elior notes that “I am scared and nervous and a little excited about trying the new foods”.

Aliza K., for her column “Inside the Press Corps” interviewed participant Samantha.  Samantha noted, “I joined the Press Corps because it’s important; the Press Corps walks around camp and takes pictures and interviews peoples like judges and captains.  We write a blog post to tell people what really happens during Color War.  It’s important because we are gathering real news about color war”.

Abigail G. reports from the Gaga Pit.  So far, one person from Lavan (white) is out, along with one person from Kachol, Yarok, and Adom (blue, Green and Red, respectively). Soon, Lavan is down by 2,  Adom soon following them. Another person from Lavan gets out. Someone from Yarok gets out and another person from Kachol gets out. Then, the last person on Adom gets out. Soon following Adom, Kachol is eliminated from the competition in the same manner as Adom. Lavan is finally out, leaving Yarok with victory.

Micha A., also live from the Gaga Pit, reports that Gaga, while having many variations and house rules, always has the same objective-To be the last one standing. The observer will hear very few things, as it’s usually a quiet game.  But not at Color Wars! Everyone who was out would occasionally start a chant, allowing for a surprisingly loud game. Back to the game itself, there were five people left at the most intense point, which will be our point of observation. “One minute and thirty seconds!” A counselor said. As soon as the announcement ended, someone from Yarok got out, leaving one person from each team. However, the peace lasted only for a few seconds, as Kachol was soon out of the game, leaving two people still in the game. Lavan hit an incredible shot at Yarok, but it was just a few inches too high, as Yarok caught it, allowing them to take the nonexistent Gaga trophy!

Sam B., Aviva A., Abby B. and Avital K. report on Rosh Nivonim Aryeh Kalender, who says “I am extraordinarily  proud of my Nivonim campers for working so hard on this Yom Sport and excited for the whole event in general”.

Nivonim counselors Eve and Eli are some of the many behind the scenes counselors who are helping out. Eve tells us “It is our job to make sure that all of the materials are in place, make sure that everything is running smoothly, and to support the Nivonim chanichim as they plan and carry out the entire Yom Sport”.

Some not-so-conventional sources have voiced their opinions on the teams, too. The sheep and the black chickens are all judges. The red chickens are for adom.  Nature is very intense about yarok.  Only the sky is for kachol.


Kachol was 10 whole minutes late to disk golf.  Adom hits on their very first try.

According to Aryeh Kalender,  there was some drama at soccer and apparently, b’nai mitzvah games became very intense.

Niv’ 18 Captain Leah S. notes “I feel like a counselor (rather than a camper) on Yom Sport”.  Niv’ 18 chanicha Ariel the judge states “In my opinion, on Yom Sport the  Judges are most similar to our programming staff (and captains are like counselors)”.

Aliza K. interviewed fellow Press Corps member Aviva.  Acccording to Aviva, “I joined the Press Corps because I like writing articles.  My favorite part of the press corps is writing articles specifically about how different edot feel about Yom Sport. I think it is important to acknowledge that the Press Corps gives us a place to relax and do something important.   The parts I most like about Yom Sport are that people who would not normally hang out come together, get dressed up and work together even though they are in different edot”.

Lila reports that during Yom Sport 2018, team Lavan (white) was the last to start boating from A-side to B-side in the Apache race, but they were able to pull ahead to first place! Then they were the first to start climbing the Alpine Tower and they made it to the top in a flash which made them win the Apache race.   For lunch today the theme was Silent Lunch. The judges tried to get people to talk. Tonight at the Closing Ceremonies, the teams will do dances and songs to earn more points. After the judges decide who wins, each team’s mascot will leave the stage in place order. After they announce the 3rd and 4th places winners, they will take a long time to announce the winner. Then the winning team will cheer a lot and most likely do the team dance again.

Yasher Koach to the Press Corps for a job well done! Keep up the good work! Viva la Free Press! The Press Corps at work — top photo, and photos below:





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