Program Spotlight – Adventure Course

Chavalim (ropes) is one of the busiest chugim in camp.  Campers climbing on both the A-side wall (35 feet) and B-side Alpine tower (50 feet) as well as swinging on the Giant Swing. Conquering each activity is fun, builds self-esteem and can also incorporate teamwork. 

Safety and skills are key components of the chug.  Each chanich(camper) first learns about all the equipment and safety, from the harness to the helmet.  Next, each and everyone of them has been taught how to make the 2 knots that are used to attach them so they can climb. (not to worry each chanich is checked by a certified ropes specialist before going up and climbing) Learning these knots have given the chanichim the confidence that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.  (the 2 knots are the figure 8 trace back and the fisherman's backup knot) Many times if you are walking by on either a-side or b-side you can see campers with rope practicing these knots. 

Ilanot, Magshimim and Bogrim have had campers climb blindfolded.  Relying on either their friends to guide them or through memorization of where the holds are.  It's amazing to watch the chanichim go up using all of their other senses and putting their trust in others.  Other activities has been tandem or partner climbs.  This is when we attach 2 chanichim together with a  rope and one guides the other up, again putting their trust in their partner.

Many bunks have also gone on the Giant Swing which we have set up near the Alpine tower.  Some have swung during their chug while others have swung at night during a special peulat erev (night activity) that was set up by their counselors.  We set up glow sticks around the tower and make it very festive and fun for the entire bunk. 

Campers can partake in our adventure course either during chug time or as a daily option during our free choice hour towards the end of every day.

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