Program Spotlight — Rikud!

From dancing in the chadar ochel (dining hall) to the Zimkudiya (our annual song-and-dance festival) to our weekly motzei Shabbat (Saturday night) Tzad Bet dance-session (which, for years, has carried the affectionate nickname of "mandatory fun time"), campers have been having a blast dancing this month!

Rikud (dance) at Camp Ramah got off to a great start.  Campers jumped right into rehearsals for the Zimkudiya. This yearly performance of song and dance was a hit as each edah performed either a song or a new dance created specifically for them that related to this summer’s theme of Journeys.  Machon, Tikvah, Shoafim and Magshimim also performed new choreography as part of their Shabbat performances. 

In the last month, campers have explored dance concepts in body, space, time and energy while also learning about making choices as choreographers in their dance chugim (electives).  Together with their instructors, campers have created new, complex and exciting pieces to traditional artists as well as to Lady Gaga, Glee, Taylor Swift and the Maccabeats.  Our dancers have had the opportunity to showcase their work during our bi-weekly performances for all of A-side or as part of their peulot erev (evening activities) for B-siders.  Rikud instructors have also been working with the Yahadut (education) staff to incorporate rikud as part of the yahadut curriculum.  Ilanot campers were given the opportunity to learn traditional Israeli dances as well as our very popular camp dances in small group settings.  We hope to continue to support the weekly yahadut lessons with specific Israeli dances.  It has been a joy and a privilege exploring and creating with the campers.

Samantha Chan, Ayelet Wachs-Cashman, Neta Shvil — tzevet rikud 2011

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