Program Spotlight — Teva (Nature/Outdoors)!

The first half of this summer has been packed-full of excitement over in the wilder parts of Machane Ramah.  This year our Teva (nature/outdoors) department is running two chuggim (electives): "Teva" and "Outdoor Cooking".  At chug Teva we're having fun in the forest – exploring the hinterlands of the camp's property and learning how to survive in the wilderness by collecting wild-edible plants, building fires and debris shelters (almost as comfortable as the tzrifim!), and learning how to camouflage.  At Outdoor Cooking we make iced-tea from local berries and leaves, build frying pans out of sticks and tin-foil, and have even built a mud oven that is being used to cook pizza!  Food never tastes as good as it does when you not only prepare it yourself, but also build the appliances that you use to cook that food yourself!

This session has also been full of overnights and etgarim (our outdoor adventure trips).  In addition to the out-of-camp etgarim for the older edot, we've run two in-camp overnights so far – one for solelim, and one for shoafim.  On these overnights, the campers learn to find their way through the forest with a map-based treasure-hunt.  Then they build tents, make dinner, and eat s'mores around a campfire while the stars – and bull frogs – come out for the night.  Coming up on Monday is the Tikvah etgar, which we're expecting to be a blast (there will be berry-picking involved!).  Stay tuned for updates on this upcoming session!  We're looking forward to fishing, solar oven making, and, of course, more exploring!

— Noah, Merav, Hagai, Noah — tzevet teva 2011

Categories: Assistant Director