Ramah Alternative Break in Israel- Day 3

Blogging the Ramah JNF Alternative Break program in Israel
Day 3
We began our Wednesday by traveling to Mitzpeh Ramon, one of the three large craters in the Negev, in order to pray shacharit while looking over a beautiful landscape.  We then headed to into the town of Mitzpeh Ramon, where we spent the entire morning painting the outside of a building that houses some of Israel's most impoverished families.  Our work, to the delight of a group of school children that came by, was able to transform the outside of the building- from worn and run down to warm, clean, and welcoming.  
Later in the day we visited S'de Boker, the site of David Ben Gurion's Grave.   There we played a fun trivia game to learn about the life of one of the most important figures in modern Israeli history.   We then had an opportunity to visit the army base where officers are trained and to meet with a group of officers in training.   
Since it was a new moon, on the way back to the hostel, we pulled off the road to engage in a brief star gazing session.   For many it was the most stars they had ever seen.   
Tomorrow we head to Ofakim to the Aley Negev rehabilitation center, where the funds that we raised from our trip went to support.   

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