Ramah Alternative Break in Israel- Day One


Blogging the Ramah JNF Alternative Break Trip in Israel.  Day One! Today at around 4:15pm we landed safely at Ben Gurion airport.  If you have not flown to Israel recently, the flight keeps getting better and better, I was able to select from over 100 movies on demand (on my first flight to Israel there was just one big screen and everyone had to watch the same thing). After departing the airport we headed south to Yerucham, a small development town in the Negev, where we will be based for the next few days.   We had a fun orientation, where we sought to learn everyone's names and discussed the goals of the trip.  The group seems fantastic and already we have been able to form our own Ramah community.    Things did get a little complicated when we tried to sing Rad Hayom (other camps have different edah names and some don't actually say the edah names they just hum) however it all worked out well in the end.    Tomorrow we begin our first day of hands on volunteering.  Should be a great experience.   Ben Greene

 From left to right: Deborah Sherman, Noga (running the community garden where we volunteered and worked at Palmer in '99), Ben Greene and Sarah Coleman

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