New Series of Community Building Programs Coming to Ramah this Summer!

We are pleased to announce that this summer, we’ll be implementing an initiative to continue our important work surrounding inclusion and anti-bullying at camp.


At Ramah, we have always believed in the value of inclusion for all different kinds of campers and staff, and seek to create a community where everyone is free to express themselves, fully knowing that they are in a truly safe space. For the first time, we are rolling out an intentional andcomprehensive community inclusion program, that will engage all campers and staff, regardless of age or camp session, in exciting and educational programming focused on the various pathways to inclusion at camp.


Over the course of the off-season, we have been hard at work planning sessions and programs for each edah that will combine presentations and activities planned by partner Jewish organizations, as well as training by internal programming staff, Tikvahstaff, and members of our camper care team. Our goal is to engage every camper in the pursuit of making our community one where everyone is accepted and celebrated.


Over the next few months, expect to see more information about this exciting initiative, including an announcement of our partner organizations, and a more detailed schedule of when to expect programs in each edah. We’re incredibly excited to take a leap forward in making Camp Ramah a place that really feels like home.


As we continue to develop this program, please feel free to contact David Offit, Director of Programming, with questions, comments, or suggestions.