Ramah Galil Bike Ride Update!


The below update is from Howard Blas, our Tikvah Director who is participating in the Ramah Galil Israel Bike Ride!

Rami, the 40 plus Ramah Galil riders and I settle in to dinner at Kfar Giladi in Kiryat Shmoneh.  My friend, Cliff, former Nivonim rosh edah from the 80"s, tells me over dinner that he is pretty sure he overheard one of the dining room staff members saying that she was a former CRNE mishlochot member.  I quickly walk over to check it out. Indeed, it was Inbar, a mishlochot member who relocated to the area from Pardes Chana.  We sepnt the first part of the meal getting caught up on camp, our families, etc.

In this small country, it is no surpirse that this was the SECOND CRNE mishlochot story.  The other story actually happened as I waited at El Al security in JFK airport, to have my baggage checked.   My bag returned from the xray machine and the Israeli security agent looks me straight in the eye and says, "I know you!"  I was silent.  He breaks the silence, "I was on the mishlochot in 2004.  I am Amir.  I worked for Jeremy Ruberg."  Needless to say, I felt very safe on the flight!

We are all having an amzing ride through the Golan Heights and in the Galil.  We will do our third day of riding (each day is more than 50 miles!) then take a needed break for Shabbat–in Maalot.  I am delighted that Herb and Barbara Greenberg, TIkvah founders and directors for 29 years–and my mentors and friends, will join us for Shabbat.  They and i will teach the riders about the history of Tikvah and about Ramah programs for campers with special needs, nationwide.

Shabbat Shalom from Israel!


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