Ramah/JNF Israel Program

Ramah/JNF Israel Program: In partnership with the Jewish National Fund, Ramah takes 40 college sophomores and juniors to Israel over winter break for a week of study, leadership training, and social service. Each camp recommends talented returning staff members and one lead educator for participation in this program. 

Mira Mendick, one of the madrichot from New England who is currently in Israel on the JNF trip, wrote this blog to share:

It is now the end of our second day volunteering in Israel. Both days were inspiring, motivating, and exhausting. Yesterday, we began our volunteering by turning an empty plot of desert land in Beersheva into a beautiful park. We planted trees, constructed benches, and made a path. At the end of our hard work, members of the Ethiopian absorption center (where we were working) thanked us with big smiles. It felt inspiring being able to see the difference that we made. 

We spent the next part of our afternoon touring the playground in Sderot that our fundraising money went to. It made us feel proud that we contributed to such a great project that gives the children of Sderot a safe and fun place to play. (This playground is equipped with several bomb shelters and games, playscapes, and sports equipment appropriate for children ranging from infants to teenagers who cannot play outside due to the frequency of rockets launched from nearby Gaza.)

Today was a different kind of volunteering. We were helping people on a more individual basis. Most of us were split into groups and sent to paint peoples' apartments. These were people who need extra support and were very grateful for all of our help. I enjoyed getting to know the people we were helping on an individual basis. 

I can't wait for the rest of our trip!


Check back for more updates on both the JNF trip and the end of Weinstein in California!

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