Ramahnik Launches New Gaming App!

Mazal tov to Ramahnik Ghedalia Gold-Pastor for launching a new gaming app: Puzzable!

Ghedalia’s new app was just written up on the Huffington Post — click here for the article.  Here is an excerpt:

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a young man named Ghedalia Gold-Pastor, who asked me to try his new social-gaming app, Puzzable. Intrigued by his concept, initiative, and ambition, we met in Washington, D.C., so I could meet this enterprising entrepreneur in person. I was immediately captivated by Ghedalia’s passion, purpose and enthusiasm for the company that he and his college roommate, Zach, had founded. In a very resourceful way, he leveraged the support of his college, his friends, and his family to launch his dream. His energy was infectious and I hope you will appreciate as much as I do the ingenuity behind his app.

Here are some questions he answered for me which I hope will inspire you to launch your own business or reinvent a business or organization that already exists.

What is Puzzable and how does it work?

Puzzable is game that allows you to send pictures to your friends as puzzles. The game combines the social nature of Snapchat with interactive gameplay like Words with Friends. Take a picture, add a caption, and send to your Facebook friends as a challenge or message. You can also play in single player mode with over 150 pictures to choose from.

Click here to read the rest of the article!

Click here to download the Puzzable app!