Read Haikus from our Second Mini Hanukkah Challenge and Submit your own


Our Second Mini Challenge, to create original Haikus about Ramah and Hanukkah, has been running for the past 24 hours.  See below for some of the great entries we have received.  This challenge will run until 9:30am on Friday, so there is still time for you to submit your entry

Haikus consist of 3 lines: the first with 5 syllables, the second with 7 syllables and the last with 5 syllables.

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Camp and Chanukah

Illuminating the world

Both bring joy to all

-Tori Bergel


I see my candles

Flames flickering in the night

Like a medura

 – Adina Heisler


Every night we light

Many candles that burn bright

Showing Ramah might

-Toby Nachenberg


Camp Ramah Palmer

I love and miss it daily

It has been my home

-Joey Shoyer


Hanukkah is great

Ramah is even better

It’s where Jews are made

-Rebecca Lewis


The Greatest Mitzvah:

Publicize the miracle!

Eight Nights of Oil.

– Rafi Spitzer


Hanukkah, Ramah

I don’t know which is better

Although gifts are nice

– Yael Schwarzman


Chanuka is great

I just love it oh so much

I love camp Ramah

– Sole Sloan


Sufganiyot, yum.

We’ll take Shabbos brownies, please!

Hanukkah or not

-Eva Jablow


Summers at Ramah

But winter brings Hannukah

Cheer family and friends

– Emma Glick

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