Recruiting Future Teachers to the DeLeT Program at Brandeis University!

To any Ramahniks considering a future in Jewish Education!  We hope you'll consider the terrific DeLeT program at Brandeis University!  Below is a letter to the Ramah community written by Noreen Leibson, long-time Ramah staff-member and parent, who is also the Faculty Leader of the DeLeT/MAT Program at Brandeis University:

Dear colleagues and fellow members of the Ramah community:

As a fellow “Ramahnik,” I am writing to you about something in which we all share an interest: the field of Jewish education and camping. You or someone you know might be the ideal candidate for the DeLeT MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) at Brandeis which prepares teachers for work in Jewish day schools. There are currently three tracks: one for those interested in teaching Hebrew in grades 1st through 8th; one for prospective secondary Tanakh teachers; and a third for people interested in teaching general studies in grades 1-6 with an emphasis on integrating Jewish values and content into the curriculum.

Something new and exciting to tell you about is our partnership with the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators. In this special track, students would spend a year studying Hebrew and Jewish texts in Jerusalem and then come to Brandeis for the DeLeT MAT program which focuses on helping them learn to teach. This option could work for any of the tracks listed above. Each track of the DeLeT MAT program combines professional and Jewish studies closely integrated with a year-long internship in a local Boston day school classroom under the guidance of a trained mentor teacher. All tracks offer generous scholarships (including the Pardes option).  We promise a personal learning environment, assistance with job placement, support during the first two years of teaching and membership in a growing alumni network.

We have discovered that personal connections are the best way to bring strong candidates to our program. If you or someone you know has a commitment to Judaism and a passion for teaching, please check out the link provided below. We welcome recent college graduates as well as people with a desire to further their education in teaching or even people considering a career change.  

Please take a moment to look at our website or contact us directly at You may also reach me at I would love to talk with you personally about our programs. By the way, we have had a number of Ramah folk who have graduated from DeLeT.

We are in the midst of accepting applicants now. Classes begin in mid-June.

Kol tuv,

Noreen Leibson (Ramah NE 2000-2009)

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