Reflections from our Tikvah Family Shabbaton

Ramahnik Emma Gelb shares these reflections from our recent Tikvah Family Shabbaton:

The Tikvah Family Shabbaton is an event I look forward to every year. This year, we had a moon bounce, petting zoo, sib-shops, rikud (dance), storytelling/storytime, gaga, kids tefillot (prayers), and so much more. And this was only for the kids!

I love working these Shabbatonim because the weekend has activities and workshops which apply to each and every family member. Not only do children with disabilities get to enjoy the weekend, but so do their siblings (with sib-shops among other fun activities), and parents. While madrichim/madrichot (counselors) do activities with the kids, parents enjoy sessions with inclusion specialists, rabbis, and other professionals.

But this is just the logistics. The way I see it, as people, we strive to look for meaning and importance in what we do with our day to day lives. The Tikvah Family Shabbaton embodies this. The sense of community, happiness, meaning, and content are so powerful and beautiful throughout the Tikvah shabbation weekend each time I attend. Fun activities, laughter, singing, and ruach (spirit) fill camp. To any Jewish families out there who have children with disabilities, I would highly encourage you to look into and attend the Tikvah Family Shabbaton, and take part in what is a truly magical experience. I hope to see you there, and I am counting the days until the next Shabbaton!