Renfrew Center Workshop: Healthy Body Image & Hakarat HaTov

Each edah of our Tzad Bet chanichim (campers, Bogrim, photo above) attended a workshop presented by five members of the staff (photo, below) of the Renfrew Center, regarding body image.

The Renfrew Center has been the pioneer in the treatment of eating disorders since 1985. As the nation’s first residential eating disorder facility, now with 18 locations throughout the country, Renfrew has helped more than 75,000 adolescent girls and women with eating disorders and other behavioral health issues move towards recovery.

Fortuitously, the Renfrew Center regularly runs an exercise for their clients regarding the very same subject that is our Palmer theme this summer: Hakarat HaTov (gratitude).  The chanichim concluded this workshop by creating painted rocks (photo, below) that represents something they are grateful for.  What a colorful, positive way to conclude this workshop!


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