Rhythm of Ramah- Spotlight on Sports

This summer we offer nine sports: Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Flag Football, Street Hockey, Archery, Hip Hop Dance, and Preseason training. Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football are taught by our “professional staff”- people we bring in who have extensive knowledge and experience with the sport. Eric Cestaro (Tennis) and Nehemiah Crowder (Basketball) both coach at the college level while Will Thornton (Ultimate Frisbee) and Elijah Crowder (Flag Football) are experienced athletes in their sports. Our other sports are offered by our very own madrichim (counselors), who spend half the day teaching and the other half working in their respective edot (different age groups in camp). With our large offerings, we really believe that there is something for everyone, it’s a robust and dynamic program that is an integral part of a chanich’s (camper’s) experience at machaneh ramah.




Categories: Chugim, Sports