Robotics Kishroniyah with Phil Glick

Meet Phil Glick, our Robotics Kishroniyah instructor (bio, below).

Especially fun to see is not only the front but also the back of his Robotics uniform, aka: Stars Wars Hebrew Vocabulary T-shirt:


Phil Glick is an engineer with his own business, QED Robotics. Educated as a mechanical engineer and a manufacturing engineer, Phil has spent most of his 30-year career writing software for industrial robot systems to be used in factories around the world. His work can be found in automotive, electronics, medical and pharmaceutical, aerospace and food businesses. Phil’s projects are in locations throughout the US, and also in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Among his cool projects are robots to paint the Stealth Bomber, robots to build cell phones and Bose music systems, robots to make cosmetics and package the cookies for ice cream sandwiches and robots to build parts for Ford and Chrysler cars. If you have ever had an injury that required stitches, there is a good chance that Phil programmed the robots and cameras to make the needle. As a parent of a Ramah camper, he is excited to be part of the camp experience.

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